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Mr.Priyesh Desai

I was in Moscow down with covid when I was told about speaking to Doctor Bhavesh Gandhi by a close friend who had been treated by him in the recent past as well as treating some family members at the current time too. The recommendation was really strong and I was urged to place full trust in him. At the time I was in a place where English is not spoken at all and one has to just manage with whatever little communication the doctors there provide and you have no one else with you.
I then spoke to Dr. Gandhi over the phone and despite being in a super busy position, he patiently took all my calls and replied to all my messages and was a voice of reassurance with how things were going. Once I returned and met him, it was my meeting with him after he took full stock of everything, that I was as ease with how things were going and despite that I did call him a couple of times a day while I recover towards normalcy. He told me exactly how things are likely to happen and clearly his experience with post covid situations seem to be quite spot on. 
I feel at ease that he is the one looking at my recovery and would recommend him very highly as he is also on great terms with most specialists if one needs to consult them.

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