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General Medicine /Internist

  1. A General medicine / internal medicine specialist (Internist) deals and focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and non-surgical treatment of different diseases and consider all aspects of your health and wellbeing whilst providing care, including the physical, emotional, or psychological effects of your condition or treatment.

  2. The term internal medicine is derived from the German word – Innere Medizin – which came to prominence in the 19th century in Germany as a term to describe physicians who combined laboratory science with patient care. The American doctors studying medicine in Germany brought the word to prominence in the United States of America, from where the name – Internal Medicine – was popularized globally.

Doctor and Patient


General Medicine Services:
  • To diagnose and help manage your condition if you are acutely unwell in the hospital or in outpatient clinics by providing evidence-based care.

  • To provide ongoing care throughout your hospital stay and at discharge. When necessary we work closely with subspecialists to ensure you receive the most effective treatment.

  • To provide clear communication to ensure and understanding of  your diagnosis

  • To guide you through Annual Health Check Up and educate on preventive medication.

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